Conditions of use and netiquette for the FAU Community (users)

With the use of the ‘FAU Community’ portal of Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) (hereinafter ‘portal’), I confirm that I will comply with the following rules from FAU (hereinafter ‘operator’):

I confirm that I will only use the portal for its intended purpose (as described here: In particular, I confirm that

I am authorised to participate in the FAU Community, as I have a connection with FAU (e.g. former or current student, researcher, member of teaching staff, employee of FAU, sponsor, donor),

I will not pass on my login details to any third parties,

I will use the portal exclusively for my own private purposes or for purposes of FAU

I am not pursuing any commercial gain from the use of the portal,

I will not copy any members’ data

I will not make any copies of the portal and the information it contains, even in part.

I hereby confirm that I will behave fairly within the portal. In particular, I confirm that

I will honour the integrity of other users, in particular, I will not post any content in the portal that could cause personal harm to others or similar content or publish it using other means,

I will clearly identify myself by using my name in the portal,

I will not log into the portal using another identity,

I will not post content in the portal that is in breach of any valid laws or infringes the rights of third parties, and in particular, the content must not be of a pornographic, violent or racist nature,

I will not post any data that could be infected with a virus or give the impression of being infected with a virus.

I acknowledge that the operator is not liable for any damage that could occur by using the system.

I acknowledge that the operator does not accept any liability for the availability and function of the services.

I acknowledge the right of the administrator to edit, move, delete or close any threads or posts and to block any users who are in breach of netiquette.

I acknowledge that users are responsible for any data or content they post in the portal. The operator assumes no liability for the technical quality or the content of this data.

The operator assumes no responsibility for information from external links published on this site.

Please refer to the following website to read the legal notice and further terms and conditions of the operator.

When you register in the FAU Community, you automatically become a member of the “We are Family” group. You can leave this group at any time using the “leave group” button. Then you will no longer receive any updates from this group.

I have understood the declaration above and accept the rules it contains.